A Portrait Miniature of Young Ensign circa 1810

A very well executed portrait miniature on ivory of a young ensign or griffin circa 1810 by an unknown artist.
Given the young age of the sitter it is probable that this young gentleman joined one of the many Honourable East India Company regiments bound for service in the East Indies where he would have gone in search of his fortune.
It was not unusual for the parents or guardians of young gentlemen who would not inherit the family estates to buy commissions for them as young as twelve or thirteen and to see them off to foreign lands in search of good fortune. This particular miniature is interesting in so far as it is quiet rare to find miniatures where the sitter is shown wearing his headdress. His sword is clearly visible in front of his left breast and he wears a scarlet coatee with what appears to be buff or pale yellow facings and silver lace. Sadly the detail shown on the oval shoulder belt plate is insufficient to determine a regiment.
The miniaturist clearly had a very capable hand and we continue to try and attribute the style of the miniature to an artist but very few miniatures were ever signed and so attribution to a particular artist can be something of a frustrating process.