Watercolour portrait of an officer in the 21st Royal North British Fusiliers

Sadly the sitter has not been identified but appears to be a young subltern officer wearing his full dress red scarlet melton cloth coatee with massive wing epaulettes on each shoulder donating a fusilier regiment. He wears a white leather baldrick with a regimental shoulder belt plate depicting a large flaming grenade device with the arabic numeral 21 on the ball. His red crimson sash terminating with corded tassels is attached half way up his chest as was customery for fusilier and light infantry regiments. He would have worn either a Bell Top or Albert shako depending on the precise date of the portrait.
The portrait is very well executed but had been put into a modern frame which has now been removed and replaced with a contemporary wooden frame. It would appear that liquid solution of some discription has been allowed to run down one side of the portrait and todate we have not established the nature of this substance in order to determine whether it can be safely removed without further damaging the painted surface.
Nonetheless a pleasing portrait of a young officer in his full dress uniform.

The distortions are the result of reflections in the glass frame, the image is crisp and sharp.