Portrait of an Officer of the 5th or PCW Dragoon Guards circa 1830’s

A well executed English School oil on canvass portrait of an unidentified officer in the 5th or Princess Charlotte of Wales’s Dragoon Guards circa 1830’s.
The portrait can be dated to the early 1830’s by virtue of the officer’s high collar which was a feature common amongst officers at that time. The existence of what would have been dark green velvet is evident on the officer’s collar and this enables us to precisely indentify the sitter as a member of the 5th Dragoon Guards who were the only Dragoon Guards regiment to wear dark green facings on their collar and cuffs. The addition of the aiguillette under his epaulette, although curiously suspended from his coatee, suggests that this officer was either seconded to staff duties or was an ADC to a General Officer.
The 5th Dragoon Guards carry the motto “Vestigia nulla retrorsum” which translates in to we do not retreat. The regiment distinguished themselves during the Peninsula War but took no part in the Battle of Waterloo. The regiment subsequently served in the Crimea conflict and rode in the charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaklava.