Pastel Portrait of an officer in the Rifle Brigade circa 1850s

A very fine pastel and pen portrait on paper of an officer in the Rifle Brigade circa 1850s within a contemporary birds eye maple frame measuring 21x25 including the frame.
Sadly the sitter is not identified but is portrayed holding his Albert pattern shako in his right hand with the bugle horn device clearly evident and his heavily embroidered pelisse jacket hung from his left hand shoulder as was the fashion for officers of rifle regiments who styled their clothing on Hussar regiments. His black patent leather shoulder belt is visible on his chest and is ornamented with a silver maltese cross device, a lion head boss and a whistle suspended from a chain.
A very pleasing pastel heightened by pen which has been well executed. As would be expected there is some minor foxing to the paper. There is also a small tear to the paper just to the left of the sitters face which does not detract from the picture.