A 7th or Queens Own Hussars Officer`s Crimean Uniform Group

An officer`s 7th or Queens Own Hussars Crimean uniform group comprising the heavily embroidered gold gimp and russia braid jacket and pelisse to a junior officer in the regiment. The pelisse retains its mahoghany color fur edging on the collar, cuffs and edges.
The group includes all the accroutrements worn by an officer of the period including his pouch belt and red cloth and gold embroidered pouch, his five barrel silk and gold basket weave sash with acorn finials, his regimental gold lace sword belt and slings and a pair of exceptionally rare regimental pattern pantaloons.
Overall there is evidence of some moth damage to the pelisse in the form of various moth holes. The jacket by comparison is virtually mint with no moth damage, however as can be seen from the images the pantaloons do show significant moth damage which could be improved by light restoration and sewing.
The sabretache is in very nice condition with just some slight dulling of the regimental pattern lace. The 1822 pattern sword is a universal post 1845 version and hence correct for this group.
The tall busby is a modern replica included purely to visually complete the group and has no bearing on the value of the group. At this period officers also wore navy overalls with regimental lace down the outside seam which could be sourced as an alternative to the pantaloons.
Suffice to say complete uniform groups of this period and to this regiment are exceptionally rare.