Surgeon Fletcher 23rd Light Dragoons

The unique and only known example of a 23rd Light Dragoons officer`s uniform circa 1815, The 23rd Light Dragoons fought with distinction at the battle of Waterloo in June 1815 and shortly thereafter were converted to Lancers before being disbanded at Radipole Barracks on 24th November 1817.
The uniform group comprises an 1812 shako of the pattern typically used by light dragoons with an embroidered silver thread target and a silver lace band around the top of the crown. The cap is finished with silver plated scales on a leather and velvet backing.
The jacket is slightly unusual in that the length is longer than I would have expected and is designed in such a way that in order for the wide gold and crimson girdle to sit above the rear skirt wasser fall tassels means that the girdle does not cover the bottom of the jacket at the front. The silver plated buttons show a sphinx in the center with battle honors for Talevera and Waterloo above and below. The cuffs are faced in crimson cloth with a pointed section and the silver lace and wire epaulettes are typical of the simple design employed at the time.
The crimson overalls are fitted rther than cossack style and have a wide stripe of silver lace down the outside of wach leg.

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