Field Marshall`s Frock Coat and Bicorn circa 1795

A unique example of a Field Marshall`s uniform group circa 1795 comprising a Georgian frock coat elaborately embroidered in gold wire with seven chevrons set at equal distance. The frock coat conforms to the generally accepted pattern of frock coat worn by General Officer`s of the day except this example has seven chevrons down the outer seam of each arm and the rear skirts of the coat. Rigid dress regulations for British Army uniforms were at this time still somewhat open to interpretation and individual stylistic license. The buttons are flat open back gilt with a crossed sword and baton design within a laurel wreath. The frock is tailored in such a way that it falls open at the front allowing the buff waistcoat to be visible. The rear skirts also fold back on themselves and are held in place with a pair of hooks and eyes. The frock is lined with a course cotton material which appears original to the coat. On each shoulder is a gold embroidered epaulette with twist wire tassels.
The bicorn is the transitional version which was just beginning to replace the tricorn hat around the 1790`s and has a gilt scale ornament which terminates with a matching gilt General Officer`s button and sits over a silk rosette device.
I am not entirely sure whether a senior General Officer would have actually worn a gorget but I have elected to team this group with an early example even if not technically correct.
Included in the group is a General Officer`s saddle cloth and holster covers circa 1800 which have been mounted in a frame for a wall display.
Overall in wonderful condition and probably the only known surviving example to a senior General Officer in the British Army and as such probably of national importance.

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