2nd Life Guards Georgian Cuirass and Helmet Set

An Officer’s outstanding example of a 2nd Life Guards late Georgian period Cuirass and helmet set comprising an 1822 second pattern silver plated “Roman” helmet with gold lacquered ornamentation and helmet plate with the battle honours Waterloo and Peninsula. The second pattern helmet was distinguished from the first pattern by a larger rear peak and a more pronounced so called “miniver” shape skull. All regiments of Household Cavalry wore the same style helmet and there does not appear to be any noticeable difference between the helmets worn by Life Guards and Royal Horse Guards at this time.
This example retains its original bearskin crest which is in very good condition. On all other examples I have seen the bearskin crests are nearly always modern replacements. The chin scales are the later pattern adopted sometime after the 1830’s and more often seen on heavy cavalry regiments but there is sufficient evidence to support the fact that the Household Cavalry also wore this pattern of chin scales. This pattern of helmet continued to be worn into the 1840’s for certain types of dress with the tall bearskin cap being worn on state occasions. Most of the authentic versions of this helmet that I have seen utilised gold lacquer rather than fire gilt, this is also evident on the early palasch sword which was also lacquered rather than gilded. There is evidence of some restoration to the helmet principally the strengthening of the male ear boss devices inside the skull of the helmet to hold the lions head ear bosses otherwise this is an exceptional example of an original early Household Cavalry helmet. Some minor dings and dents to the skull otherwise the silver plate is in good condition.
The silver plated cuirass is the mid to late 1820’s version with a pointed front piece and flat section for retaining the cuirass waist strap. The scales are the correct regimental pattern for the 2nd Life Guards and are original to the cuirass. The front and rear sections are an original pair edged in blue velvet and lined with red morocco leather.
A rare opportunity to acquire one of the iconic Georgian regiments Household Cavalry helmet and cuirass sets.