1st Life Guards Uniform Group

A 1st Life Guards Officers uniform group circa 1820 comprising the early 1820’s “Roman” pattern helmet with silver plated skull and comb edged with brass gilt lacquered bindings and topped with an original bearskin crest. The interior retains its original leather sweat band and curiously has a leather skull cap in matching leather, now loose. The gilt chin scales are attached to the helmet via large gilt lion head bosses.
The single breasted scarlet coatee has elaborate gilt and sequined embroidery on rich blue velvet on the collar and cuffs. The cuffs are gauntlet shaped as per regulation. The coatee retains all its gilt scalloped edged buttons with the design of LG surmounted by a crown and below the letters an Arabic numeral 1. The rear tails are edged in rich blue velvet and at the bottom have a pair of gold embroidered grenades on each tail. The lining is shot in parts and very delicate but more or less complete.
On each shoulder is a beautifully embroidered gilt epaulette in the design conforming to regulation with a huge flaming grenade in the crescent in mint condition. On the right shoulder is a gilt corded aigulette with tangs which are suspended from the collar of the jacket and attached under the right epaulette by ties.
The curiasse is edged in black leather and brass studs and has a rich blue velvet crimped border which has sadly suffered over the years with the loss of most of its pile on the high points of the folds. The steel curiasse is in remarkable good condition for its age with virtually no pitting of the metal. The reverse retains its original morocco leather liner. The straps conform to the pattern for the 1st Life Guards and are still in use today with the household cavalry. The tabs are blue velvet embroidered with a gold thread edging. The cuirasse belt is black leather with two rows of gold embroidery.
A gold lace pouch belt, with the design of oak leaf and acorns edged in rich blue velvet which has now over time turned to a dark brown color, supports a beautiful embroidered pouch with various trophies of arms, battle honors for Waterloo and Peninsula and an Order of the Garter sequined star topped with a crown all on a rich blue velvet and edged in oak leaf and acorn gold lace.
The overalls are associated but representative of the style used in levee dress. The buff pantaloons are present but do not fit the mannequin and have therefore been placed on the tripod table along with a pair of buff leather gauntlet gloves and a 1st Life Guards sabretache which is in very good condition but the gold oak leaf and acorn lace has now turned a silver color over time and the blue velvet has faded to a brown color. I have not been brave enough to attempt a cleaning restoration project on the sabretache.
A pair of early jacked leather household cavalry boots and trees complete the group, these are the earliest pair of household cavalry boots that I have ever seen as is evident by the shape of the foot and the square toe box. The trees retain the makers brass plaque in what appears to be a Georgian script.
A wonderful condition palatsch household cavalry sword with a GR sword knot complete the set.
The group is sadly missing an oak leaf and acorn lace sword belt and sllngs.
Overall I suspect this group is a unique example of an early household cavalry officers uniform group in a private collection and I feel very fortunate to have been able to acquire this group which has been in my collection for almost twenty years.

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