21st Bengal Native Infantry Uniform Group

A 21st Bengal Native Infantry officers Georgian uniform group comprising a Regency shako with gold lace band and a silver star helmet plate with a gilt garter strap with the words REGIMENT and an HEIC rampant lion with the roman numerals XX1 in the center on a green enamel background. Gold chin scales which are supported by petal shape ear bosses and which are secured behind the plume socket.
A coarse scarlet melton coatee with yellow facings and gilt buttons with a garter strap and REGIMENT with XXI .to the center. A pair of gold epauletts with a metal half crescent and fringe tassels and a red crimson netted sash terminating in cords and tassels. Sadly no shoulder belt plate.
Overall in very nice condition with some evidence of moth and surface tracking, nonetheless line coatee`s of this period are extremely scarce.

Not For Sale