1st Bengal Light Cavalry Officer`s Uniform Group

An Officer`s` 1st Bengal Light Cavalry uniform group circa 1830`s comprising a bell top shako with silver lace band and rich gilt cord plaited festoon with a gilt Maltese cross helmet plate and tall white swan feather plume.
A french grey jacket elaborately embroidered with silver Russian braid across the chest in a wave pattern and an Austrian knot design on the lower arms with a central row of ball buttons and two other rows of half ball buttons engraved with 1st BLC. The collar and cuffs are faced in red melton. A wide girdle of crimson silk and gold embroidery sits at the waist.
The silver and orange pouch belt with prickers and chains supports a silver pouch with the initials BLC. The silver lace sword belt is joined by a silver snake clasp.

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