23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers Uniform Group

A 23rd or Royal Welch Fusiliers WMIV period Officer`s Uniform Group comprising a tall bearskin cap with a flaming grenade device ornamented with the POW feathers, coronet and motto of the Prince of Wales.
A scarlet melton cloth coatee with fabulous wing epaulettes, the coatee retaining all its gilt buttons of the correct regimental pattern. The back of the collar retains the black silk "flash" ribbons which was a legacy from the days when soldiers wore pigtails. Although this practice was discontinued in 1808, the regiment was serving in Nova Scotia and did not receive the order to discontinue wearing the flash. In 1834 the regiment were granted permission by William IV to wear this non regulation item as a distinction on the full dress coatee. The tail skirt ornaments are large gilt embroidered flaming grenades.
A white baldrick with shoulder belt plate ornamented with a large circular garter strap within which are the words Royal Welch Fusiliers and in the center a silver POW coronet and feather with motto. At the bottom is a small grenade device donating this officer was a Grenadier company officer.
A crimson silk waist sash terminating with cords and tassels as worn by Fusilier regiments.
Overall the condition is wonderful with no moth and just the odd stitching fault.
A truly stunning group of uniform items to one of the premier Peninsula War regiments, possibly unique.

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