59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot Albert Shako

A 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) regiment of foot officer’s Albert Shako comprising a rich fire gilt helmet plate retaining virtually all its original fire gilt other than some light wear on the high points of the crown. An unusual variant to the normal universal Albert shako plate, the 59th displayed their honors entwined between the laurel leaf wreath that encloses a strap with the words 2nd Nottingham. In the centre on a burnished gilt disc are the Roman numerals LIX
The body of the shako is in excellent condition retaining most of its original beaver fur knap, the front and rear patent leather peaks, crown and leather waist seam have been re-lacquered as part of a minor restoration. The shape infers an earlier transition version from the Bell top shako with the crown flaring out slightly as is more commonly seen with HEIC versions of this shako. Gilt rose pattern ear bosses support a graduated rope pattern chin chain which is backed onto leather and black velvet.
The white over red woolen ball tuft is a modern replacement sitting in an original ball and cup holder.
The interior retains its leather sweat band and crimson silk liner and both peaks are lined in a green skiver. Overall the shako is in excellent condition for age and obviously rare to find in this condition.