Portrait of an Officer of the Honourable Artillery Company circa 1780

English School oil on canvass in a gilt and gesso frame, thought to be a portrait of an officer of the Honourable Artillery company ( HAC ) or a Garrison Town Artillery Company circa 1780. The officer is dressed in the distinctive blue and red faced frock coat often associated with officers of artillery. The existence of silver lace and silver buttons and the appearance of a fortification on the sitters sword belt plate indicate that he was in all probability a militia artillery officer for a Garrison town such as London or Edinburgh. It is quite rare to find formal portraits of officers wearing headress.

The Honourable Artillery Company are one of the oldest regiments in the British army and have been headquartered in the City of London since their formation. The HAC were distinctive in that they not only raised a regiment of artillery but also a battalion of Guards and light cavalry dressed identically to line regiments but with the substitution of silver lace and buttons.

A canvass repair is just visible near the sitter`s cheek bone otherwise the canvass is in good condition.

Oil on canvass 25x29 image size