A 67th or South Hampshire Regiment of Foot Officer`s Coatee circa 1820

A extremely rare 67th or South Hampshire Regiment of Foot officer`s light company coatee circa 1820. The scarlet melton cloth coatee is faced with yellow melton cloth to the collar, cuffs and breast in the classic post Waterloo style with silver plated buttons showing the arabic numerals for 67 with a crown above, all within a french scroll and surrounded by the battle honors for Barrosa and the Peninsula. Unfortunately several buttons are missing from underneath the rear pocket flaps and one of the cuff buttons has been cut from the cuff leaving a circular hole.
The rear skirt tails curiously show no evidence of there ever having been any ornaments although it is to be assumed that some form of skirt ornamentation existed. The interior is partially lined wiith silk which is shot in several places.
The 67th were a silver laced regiment and as this example is probably a light company coatee would have been worn with silver coloured wings. A replica silk crimson sash is included with the coatee.
Overall the coatee is in very good condition for its age with only a few minor areas of surface month and one or two small moth holes which do not detract from the appearance. The coatee is small fitting suggesting a young griffin officer.
It should be appreciated that line regiment coatee`s of this period are extremely rare and outside regimental museums very rarely become available for collectors.