Lt John Morgan Ley, Madras Horse Artillery

A fabulous collection of uniforms belonging to Lt Col John Morgan Ley, Madras Artillery spaning the period of his service from 1815 to 1840`s and including his Army of India campaign medal with bar Nagpore (16th December 1817).
This group comprises his full dress uniform whilst he served in the Madras Horse Artillery and includes a dark blue melton cloth jacket elaborately embroidered to the front in gold gimp and russia braid and bearing three rows of gilt ball buttons which display three cannons below three cannon balls.
The collar which is a full 3 1/2 inches high and cuffs are faced in red melton cloth and elaborately embroidered in gold russia braid.
The so called roman style headress has a black japanned skull richly ornamented with fire gilded laurel leaf work, a union spray and shell motive edge bindings. The front plate conforms to the regimenntal pattern book and is attached to a universal rayed plate. The red horse hair mane is sewn onto a wooden former that provides the distinctive roll over shape.
The trousers are regulatiion white cotten which was generally favoured over the heavier sky blue melton cloth trousers which would have been very uncomfortable given the hot climate and the need to stay cool.
The pouch belt is made from 3 inch wide buckskin leather and is ornamented with gilt devices again conforming to the regulation pattern book, sadly the actual pouch is missing but would have been black patent leather with a star device. The sword belt has matching gilt ornamentation. The Madras Horse Artillery did not use a sabretache.
The uniform is in mint condition with no visible signs of moth or fading, the belts are soiled dirty and the headdress appears to have been re-japanned at some in its life, nonetheless a fabulous and very rare group. The portrait is not John Morgan Ley.

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