Lt George Miles 5th or Princess Charlotte of Wales`s Dragoon Guards uniform

Considered to be the only surviving example from this period of the post Waterloo regimental uniform for the 5th Dragoon Guards. The coarse scarlet melton coatee is elaborately embroidered with regimental lace and has rich dark green silk velvet collar, cuffs and rear skirt turnbacks.
The overalls are a sky blue melton clloth profusely laced at the front and down the outside leg seam. The trousers are fitted rather than cossack style and have the front fall fly for the period. The sword belt has the correct regimental lace laid on dark green velvet to create an edging of velvet. The sword slings are present but the sabretache slings are currently being preserved.
The pouch belt conforms to regimental ppattern and the pouchh is elaborately embroider with the cypherof Princess Charlotte and edged with Greek key pattern i gold on dark green velvet which as now faded to a blueish colour.
The 1812 pattern heavy cavalry helmet is curious in so far as several of the battle honors were not authorised untiil the 1820`s and it would therefore apppear that Miles ordered a helmet to be made at or just before the introduction of the 1822 " Roman" pattern helmet. The conditiion of the helmet is superb and is probably due to the fact that Miles retired from the army shortly thereafter.
Lt George Miles was commissioned into the 5th Dragoon Guards on 16th May 1811 and fought in several Peninsula War battles and was entitled to a three bar MGS. Should anyone know the whereabouts of this medal I would appreciate any assistance as I have been searching unsucessfully to repatriate this medal back with the uniform. Popular opinion is that the uniiform and headdress were seperated sometime in the late nineteenth century and the uniform found its way to Canada and the helmet went to Ireland.
There is also a Dighton watercolour of Lt George Miles known to exist and again should anyone know the whereabouts please feel free to contact me.

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