Ensign Daniel Tighe Grenadier Guards

A unique set of full dress and undress uniform to Ensign Daniel Tighe Grenadier Guards who was the second junior Ensign at the Battle of Waterloo and most probably carried the battalion company colours for part of the battle.
The levee dress coatee is made from coarse scarlet melton cloth and is heavily embroidered with regimental pattern lace that conforms to the known pattern. Inside is an old ink label bearing the name Tighe and his family estate in Ireland from where part of this group of uniform items originated.
Tighe was a Grenadier Company Ensign and this is shown on both his dress epaulettes which carry a grenade device and the rear skirt ornaments that also have a grenade device.
His sword is a flank company 1803 pattern sword with very fine quality acid etched engraving with the words Grenadier Guards on one side and For King and Country on the other. The shoulder belt plate is ornamented with a garter strap above which rests a Hanovarian crown and in the centre the cypher of George 111 all on a burnished gilt plate. The gorget is the later pattern adopted by all guards regiments sometime after 1820 which is sadly missing its black silk rossettes and ribbons.
The bearskin is a full sixteen inches tall and has a flaming grenade device in beautiful rich fire gilt on his left hand side which also acts as the socket to hold the tall white feather plume. On the opposite side is a double set of tassels which are attached to an elaborate device partially hidden under the bearskin. The front plate sits over a small leather peak and is the Royal Arms for George 111 on a leather backing. The inside has a buff leather sweatband and has a crimson silk liner.
Also shown is Tighe`s undress coatee which is sadly missing the grenadier company wings that he would have worn with this uniform.
Ensign Tighe was commissioned into the regiment on 26th November 1814 and is shown on half pay on 15th February 1821 and thus it is possible to date this set of uniform items to some point just after Waterloo. He was High Sheriff of Wicklow in 1827 and married The Hon Frances Crofton on 1st March 1825 and had issue. He died on 20th December 1881
I have been searching unsucessfully to try and locate his Waterloo medal and would appreciate any assistance that can be given to help me repatriate his medal with the uniform.

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