Watercolour portrait of a Officer Attached to the Royal Artillery circa 1850

A very nice watercolour portrait of a staff officer attached to the Royal Artillery circa 1850, unfortunately the sitter’s identity was never recorded on the back of the frame and is therefore sadly unknown.
He wears the distinctive dark blue coatee with red facings and gold embroidery often associated with the Royal Artillery but differs in so far as his cuff and collar embroidery are in the fashion more commonly associated with an ADC. It is therefore possible that this officer is an Aide De Campe to a General Officer of Artillery just prior to the Eastern expedition to the Crimea in 1854.
The watercolour is contained in a contemporary glazed gilt and gesso frame and measures approx 17” x 13”.
Please note that the distortions shown on the images are the result of reflection from the glass in the frame.