Mahogany Four Poster Campaign Bed circa 1810

At the end of a long day campaigning high ranking officers did not skimp on comfort and the thought of being able to sleep in a comfortable bed must have made up for many of the sacrifices endured abroad.

Despite the rigours of campaigning, the heat and the pestilence officers thought nothing of taking large pieces of furniture with them. Although not practical in every situation these beds were designed with practicality in mind and disassemble to allow for easy transportation.

This four poster bed bears the patent brass name plate of John Durham and is constructed in mahogany and beech woods. The construction is typical of many campaign four poster beds but the extra detail to the carving of the front posts far surpasses most.

The folding frame and headboard are mahogany with the front legs and posts also produced in mahogany. The back legs and posts are stained beech. They would be mostly unseen and so there was no need to use expensive timber. The legs are capped with brass casters. The rails that unite the tops of the posts and support the bed hangings , again are unseen and so made of pine. The frame has brass eyelets to take the rope that originally would have supported the mattress.

For practical purposes we have introduced a box mattress. The size is the equivalent of a modern double bed.