A 93rd or Sutherland Highlanders Feather Bonnet circa 1830

An exceptionally rare and possibly unique tall feather bonnet belonging to Captain John Wilson 93rd or Sutherland Highlanders.
Captain John Wilson joined the 93rd Highlanders as a volunteer in the War of 1812 and fought at the battle of New Orleans. In return for his devotion and courage he was later gifted an Ensigncy in the 93rd Highlanders and remained in that regiment until the early 1830ís.
This cap is possibly unique and may even be late Georgian as the writer is not aware of any other earlier feather bonnets either in private collections or museums. The cap is edged with black velvet and has a 5 inch diced woollen band of red and white checks as is regulation for the 93rd Highlanders. On the left hand side is a large silk rosette upon which sits a gilt and silver cap badge with a central strap showing Sutherland Highlanders and within this the Arabic numerals 93. The badge does not have the battle honour for Cape of Good Hope as this was only authorised in December 1835.
The cap is very tall measuring almost fifteen inches and has a velvet covered handle on the right hand side where the tails hang down to aid carrying. The bonnet retains its leather sweat band and crimson silk liner all i exceptional condition for its age and is contained in its named storage tin.

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