Watercolour portrait of an officer in the Madras Light Cavalry circa 1830’s

The buff facings on the jacket sleeves and collar suggest that this individual was an officer in either the 3rd or 7th Madras Light Cavalry as they are the only two regiments to have had buff facings during this time. He is also shown wearing white linen trousers which were only permitted during summer. In his left hand he holds the distinctive “Roman” pattern 1822 pattern silver and black japanned helmet complete with falling red horse hair mane.
Although the uniform and body features have been painted slightly naively the face is very well executed and the overall appearance is pleasing. Mounted in a contemporary gilt and gesso frame measuring 11.5 x 9.5 inches. As can be seen from the attached images the frame is slightly damaged in places where the gesso has broken away from the frame.